The Tasmanian Land Surveyors Accreditation Board

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Useful Links

Background Information

​Tasmanian Office of Surveyor-General web page including explanation of the roles of the Surveyor-General and TLSAB and how to apply for registration as a Tasmanian Land Surveyor 
Includes content on definition of property boundaries as well as articles and reports concerning the historical development of the practice of land surveying in colonial Tasmania and details of current survey policy and practice. 

About the Cadastre and Cadastral Surveys
Includes discussion ​​​​on the nature of land ownership, status of land and functions of a Land Surveyor. ​

Land Titles Office Plan Documentation

Surveyor-General Circular Memoranda​

Acts, Regulations and Directions

​Candidate surveyors seeking to become certified to survey land in Tasmania will need to have a sound knowledge of the following:

Other current acts that candidates should be familiar with include :