The Tasmanian Land Surveyors Accreditation Board

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​​​​​​​​​​​​The Tasmanian Land Surveyors Accreditation Board is the body that assesses the professional competence of a person seeking registration to practise as a land surveyor under the provisions of the Surveyors Act 2002.

A degree in surveying does not automatically entitle a person to undertake cadastral (property boundary) surveys in Tasmania, or indeed in any of the other Australian States and Territories or New Zealand.

In addition to holding a relevant tertiary qualification, a candidate surveyor must be able to demonstrate a satisfactory level of professional understanding and technical expertise in the practice of cadastral surveying.

The Board supervises surveyors in their preparation for competency accreditation that determines eligibility for registration. The professional training, examinations and assessment of competency required for initial registration is prescribed in the Surveyors Regulations 2014.

  • complete a course of study leading to a degree in surveying that is recognised by the Board as being suitable for the purpose
  • register as a candidate with the Board
  • obtain the required experience in professional practice
  • submit a series of pre-examination surveys for mentoring purposes
  • submit an urban and a rural property survey for examination
  • pass an oral examination

On successful completion of the examinations, the Board will provide the candidate with a Certificate of Competency, which is acceptable for registration as a Land Surveyor by the Surveyor-General of Tasmania.

More information on these requirements can be obtained from the Guidelines for Candidates on the Downloads page. 

The Downloads page also contains information for potential applicants with overseas surveying qualifications from other than New Zealand.

Additional enquiries should be directed to the Executive Officer - see Contacts.​

​The TLSAB does not maintain the Tasmanian Register of Surveyors, administer applications for registration under mutual recognition or manage the automatic mutual recognition process as the Surveyor-General is responsible for these functions​ under the Surveyors Act 2002.